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Infertility & Test Tube Baby Centre

Our Approach to the infertile Couple:
Mental pain and stress of couple is the foremost thing to be taken care of. They are advised to come on prefixed Monday for group counseling so that they understand the details about our approach to a case of infertility, plans about investigation, treatment modalities and expenditure involved and to explain chances of success. Both husband and wife are investigated together.

Basic tests to find any disease like general blood examination, x-ray and ultra sound, basal hormonal tests of wife on second /third day period. These hormone tests are necessary to find whether hormone levels in body are adequate to prepare eggs (ovulation) and to prepare lining of uterus (endometrium) where the embryo (fertilized egg) attaches to grow.

Basic Trans Vaginal ultrasound, ovulation monitoring done by gynecologist trained in Trans Vaginal sonography to find whether the eggs and endometrium is growing satisfactorily or not. Certain immunological investigations are also done.

Video hysteron-laparoscopy is done to find status and disease of uterus, tube and ovary, to find out whether there is any disease like tuberculosis or endometriosis or adhesions (sticking of tubes to other organs) is there or not, as these can’t be seen by any other test. At the same time methylene blue dye is pushed in to uterus to see whether tubes are open or not (Chromotubation).

Hysteroscopy is the procedure where a thin telescope is put painlessly onto the uterus to see lining, tumor or septum (Divided uterine cavity) or submucus is present or not in the uterine cavity.

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