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Infertility & Test Tube Baby Centre

What is ICSI who needs it?:
1.    When there are very very poor sperm counts or morphology (Severe oligo / astheno / terato / azoospermia) in semen, then they are taken out directly from epididymis (MESA) or from testes (TESA or TESE) technique or selectivity picked from semen.
2.     Or If lining of egg (zona) is thick as in advance age, unexplained infertility, endometriosis and immunological cause or if fertilization does not occur in routine IVF, then bye this specialized micromanipulation technique of ICSI ( Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) single sperm is injected into single egg in by a special micropipette to fertilize egg, providing better chance of success.


What are chances of success?
Out of 10 couples who undergo IVF-ICSI procedure, only 3-4 get success despite best possible efforts (30% to 40% chances even at world best IVF centre), Implantation failure, is the most common cause of failed procedure, the reason of which is still not known.

Mile stone in Success path of Test- Tube Babies:
1-    Our First Test Tube Baby of U.P. in menopausal female by oocyte donation, Baby PRATHANA in 1998.
2-    Our First Test Tube Baby twins of Lucknow MANAV AND MUSKAN.
3-    Our First ICSI Baby of Lucknow Sandhya.
4-    Over 455 pregnancies in last Six Years by I.V.F.
5-    Our First TESA, Baby of Lucknow Baby Sudhnashu.
6-    We are pleased to inform that the centre is bringing consistent successes with carry home baby rate of 30% to 40% ever since the first success.
7-    We have now consistent pregnancy rates in I.V.F. /ICSI of about 32% to 40%. Our centre is one stop centre for all investigation and treatment of infertility.

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