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Gastro Medicine & Gastro Surgical U

Diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of GI diseases

•    Upper Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy
•    Biopsy of upper GI tract lesions
•    Sclerotherapy for Oesophageal varices (EST)
•    Variceal ligation for Oesophageal varices (EVL)
•    Glue injection for Gastric varices
•    Oesophageal, antro-pyloric and duodenal stricture dilatation
•    Oesophageal, antro-pyloric and duodenal stenting for benign and malignant strictures
•    Foreign body removed from upper GI tract
•    Haemoclipping, injection tamponade for bleeding gastric and duodenal ulcer
•    Naso-jejunal tube placement
•    Polypectomy

Lower Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy

•    Sigmoidoscopy
•    Short Colonoscopy
•    Full Colonoscopy and ileo-scopy
•    Biopsy of lower GI tract lesion
•    Polypectomy
•    Colonic stricture dilatation
•    Colonic stenting for decompression in cases of colonic obstruction
•    Colonic decompression for volvulus
•    Injection tamponade for bleeding lesions

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