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Laparoscopic Surgery Unit

What are the advantages?

The most common question asked is whether laparoscopic surgery another cosmetic operation, the benefit of which is restricted to the bikini wearing public. There are many more advantages of this procedure:

There is no cutting of the muscles as the holes are made in between the fibers’.

• The pain is minimal
• Less chance of hospital infections.
• Less Fewer post-operative chest complications.
• Early return to work.
• Very less residual weakness.
• Less risk of incisional hernias.
•  Diagnostic laparoscopy as a day case patient with one or maximum two holes to diagnose certain conditions.
•  It can be recorded on video or photographs for future reference.

For patients of pain abdomen where a cause cannot be found after certain investigations, a diagnostic laparoscopy can provide clue. The patient with doubtful appendicitis is best evaluated laparoscopically and patients with suspected TB abdomen could have a laparoscopic biopsy of the lymph nodes or an intestinal biopsy to make a quick and objective pathological diagnosis.

The other established laparoscopic procedures include treatment for ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, hiatus hernia, peptic ulcer surgery, intestinal resections, direct vision liver biopsy, division of adhesions, laparoscopically assisted intestinal resections, etc. and some of the thoracoscopic procedures are for achalasia cardia, cysts, lung biopsies etc.

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