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Internal medicine unit

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit is in pipeline. It is a form of medical treatment in which patient breath 100% oxygen at a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure. Patient is entirely enclosed I pressure chamber and breaths 100% oxygen at a pressure greater than one atmospheric absolute (ATA). There chambers can deliver oxygen concentration to tissue at levels higher than an existing oxygen delivery methods. ATA is the unit of pressure and one ATA is equal to 760mmHg of pressure at sea level.


Senior Consultants of department of internal medicine are involved in preoperative checks in addition to anesthetists assessment to manage and pick up existing medical problem prior to surgical procedure as well as to take appropriate measures prior to urgencies.

Often Consultants are required to manage medical problems coexisting with surgical conditions. Preoperatively, post operatively and during surgery period. Super specialists are also called whenever required.



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