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High Risk Pregnancy Centre

Other conditions that can make pregnancy risky can happen while you are pregnant – for example, gestational diabetes. Good prenatal care can help detect and treat them. It aims at providing "surveillance and management" of pregnancies at risk due to either:

• Past obstetric outcomes like repeated abortions, previous still birth or neonatal deaths.
• Medical illnesses complicating pregnancy - high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, liver disorders, thyroid disorders, kidney diseases, anaemia.
• Events occurring during the present pregnancy like growth restriction, prematurity, bleeding or leaking etc

High risk patients often require detailed assessment which involves:

• Genetic counseling
• Prenatal screening and diagnosis with facilities which include biochemical marker screening, chorion villus sampling, and amniocentesis, fetal blood sampling and advanced ultrasound for the detection of fetal anomalies. Extensive antepartum and intrapartum fetal surveillance
• Specialised neonatal care


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