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Speech Therapy

Now available at Ajanta Hospital & IVF centre

Speech language & Communication is at the core of all personal & professional relationships. Ajanta Hospital, healing with care, has therefore, started a Speech Therapy Centre for providing assessment and intervention to children & adults having Speech, Language & Hearing Problems.

Patients with the following Speech language Problems could benefit from regular Speech Therapy to improve their Communication Skills.

•Delayed Speech Language Development ( with/ without hearing loss, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, cleft lip/ palate, language learning disability)

•Unclear speech/ pronunciation problems ( Misarticulations)

•Voice Disorders (organic & functional)
 Hoarse/ harsh/ breathy voice
 How to take care of your voice? (Vocal Hygiene Program) for teachers, singers and professional users of voice.

•Stammering/ fluency disorders

•Post-Laryngectomy Speech Rehabilitation

•Aphasia/ dysarthria ( childhood/ adult neurological speech-language disorders)

•Dyslexia ( Language Learning Disability/ Reading Writing Deficits)

•Guidance & Counseling for parents of hearing impaired children for Auditory Training, Speech Language Stimulation at home, Care & maintenance of hearing aid, school placement etc.

For further details, please contact
Mrs. Priti Kapoor
M.Sc. (Speech & Hearing) AIISH
Consultant Speech Therapist & Audiologist
Ajanta Hospital & IVF Centre
Mobile: 7275476430