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What is the procedure of IVF?:
1.    Normally every month each female makes an egg which starts developing from 3rd day of menstrual period and gets released after follicle rupture on 14-15 day of period (mid cycle). But in IVF we stimulate ovaries to form at least 8-10 eggs by giving hormones (gonadotrophins HMG, FSH, rec-FSH)
2.    Monitoring of egg formation is done by trans vaginal sonography.
3.    Monitoring of the lining (endometrium) where embryo has to implant, is done by sonography.
4.    Egg (pickup) removal from ovary (Ova Retrieval) is done under sonographic guidance in special ova pickup theater and these eggs are aspirated by highly sophisticated ultra low pressure oocyte aspiration pump, then they are sent to adjacent embryology lab, where under special microscopes, enlarged and precise view of oocytes is seen and good quality eggs are selected (egg hunting).
5.    Simultaneously semen of husband / donor (depending upon the case) is processed to wash semen and take out good motile sperms, in special andrology lab by swim up or gradient method.

6.    Insemination of oocytes is done after which they are kept is carbon dioxide culture incubator.
7.    Fertilization assessment is done after 18 hours and good quality embryos are selected and those with polyspermy are rejected.
8.    The culture of fertilized embryos is done in carbon dioxide incubator which provides optimal temperature, Ph, and humidity. Culture media have same concentration of glucose, protein amino acids, and required electrolytes necessary for growth and division, thus providing same atmosphere as in vivo.
9.    This embryo at its 6-8 cells stage or at advanced stage (blastocyst) is transferred to uterus for its implantation, by special embryo transfer catheter on Day-3, Day-4, and Day-5 after fertilization following all norms. Patient needs no anaesthesia for this procedure.
10.    Confirmation of implantation or pregnancy is done by getting –HCG test in blood after 16-18 days of embryo transfer. If positive, then this pregnancy is monitored strictly to deliver healthy normal baby. All disposables to be used are procured from International market (CCD, Sweden, France, Australia, U.K.) and are embryo toxicity tested.

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