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What is intrauterine insemination (IUI) and who needs it?:
When tubes of wife are normal, and she is forming eggs, but sperms of husband are less in number or motility (Oligoasthenospermia) or no sperms (Azoospermia) where donor semen to be used or sperms are not able to reach uterine cavity either due to immunological reasons or premature ejaculation, then we collect the semen of husband/ donor by special method, wash and process it and introduce it in wife’s uterus by special intrauterine (disposable) catheter uterus on specific day when good quality of eggs of wife (seen by transvaginal  sonography) have ruptured.


What is in- vitro fertilization (IVF) and who needs it?:
Uterine cavity Sperms of husband after being deposited in vagina at the time of intercourse, move up in uterine cavity to meet the eggs in tube. Eggs are formed in ovary. They mature and after rupture of the ovarian follicle they are picked up by ovarian fimbria and then move to the ampulla of the tube. Sperms fertilize the egg and the embryo thus formed travel to the uterine cavity to get attached (implanted) to the lining of uterus (endometrium) but if sperm are not able to reach egg due to:
•    Blocked both tubes
•    Or functionally destroyed but open tubes as egg pickup and transport mechanism is disturbed.
•    Or Sperms are insufficient in number and activity to fertilize egg.
•    Or Atmosphere in and around tube and ovary is disturbed due to endometriosis.
•    No eggs available either due to premature ovarian failure or absent ovary or nonfunctioning ovary  due to menopause (where donor eggs are needed)
•    Or Unexplained infertility (where every test is normal and even then no pregnancy occurs naturally).
•    Or several (3-4) attempts of proper IUI have failed.
•    Or a group of above problems

In such cases, aim is to place sperms and egg together in a specialized four wll petridish in a special culture medium in a carbon dioxide incubator, which provides the same atmosphere as of uterus and tubes. Thus fertilization is made to occur outside the human body hence called In-vitro fertilization.

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