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Semen analysis of husband is very important. It is done in specialized lab called by special techniques to find out defects in counts, motility or activity of sperms shape or morphology of sperms, any antisperm antibodies (ASA) or infections in semen. Any defect in an any of the above parameters in the semen will decrease the chances of pregnancy and specialized treatment options discussed below are to be offered to couple. Semen analysis done in IVF lab is different from that done in common pathology lab as many other factors are to be seen in semen analysis from infertility point of view.

Plan of Treatment:
80 couples out of hundred get treated by simple conservative treatment only by treatment of infections, treatment of hormonal imbalances by drugs and fertility enhancing surgical procedures like myoma removal, septum division, tubal opening by microsurgery, endometrial, cysts removal, ovarian drilling and adhesiolysis etc.


Only 20 couples out of 100 need sophiscated management like intrauterine insemination of semen of husband or donor (IUI-H or IUI-D), invitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF-ICSI) out of these three procedures , which will be used in particular couple, is decided by the age of the couple and defect found by investigations in husband /wife or both.
Thus both husband and wife are investigated and treated together. This fact is essentially very important.

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