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Nephrology & Dialysis Unit

Our Department of Nephrology and dialysis Unit is a professionally managed unit equipped with a Team of skilled and dedicated doctors and paramedical staff. With the best, updated facilities the Nephrology department prides in treating the most serious and complex medical problems with expertise.

• This unit provides best- patient ambience.
• Latest DIALOG PLUS haemodialysis machine (B.Barun Germany)
• Reverse OSMOSIS water plant to provide purest and trace element free water with lowest conductivity
• Patient feels comfortable with RO. Water dialysis as no nausea or vomiting occurs.
• “RO Water is better than deionised water which is being used in other dialysis units in the city.

What Should You Know About Your Kidneys?
Healthy kidney Filters waste products and excess water from body
Maintains balance of body chemicals, Sodium Potassium and Produce hormones which control blood pressure and maintain healthy blood & bone.

When Kidney Fails, its involvent is often silent?
It may occurs in any of the following situation
• Infections
• Glomerulonephritis
• Diabetes
• High B.P.
• Stone(Calculus)
• Obstruction to urine outflow
• Shock

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