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Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Unit

Ajanta Hospital has complete well-equipped Ortho-care centre for any bony ailment, acute or chronic left untreated. They can be cured at any age. Specialized in correcting deformities, help union of fractures, infections and lengthening of limbs. Major operations of bones, which are bound to be done by long incisions, can be done with very short incisions by latest Intensifier C-Arm machine. Well-equipped Physiotherapy Unit supports the department.

Total joint replacement is a serious prospect, but it is also a new lease on life for many individuals. The orthopedic specialists at Ajanta Hospital want you to be at ease, for a faster recovery and an enhanced outcome.

Patient education is the key and it begins with pre-operative classes for total joint replacement patients and their families, taught by a multi-disciplinary team. Orthopedic surgeons at Ajanta Hospital use the most advanced techniques in practice today for total joint replacements. They guide your recovery in coordination with a rehabilitation team, allowing for your individual progress.

A pediatric orthopedic specialist at Ajanta Hospital provides care specifically suited to pediatric patients-all close to home for the young patient.

The comprehensive services of our orthopedics program also include both inpatient and outpatient procedures for:

• Hand and Upper Extemities
• Foot and Ankle
• Spine/Scoliosis
• Occupational Medicine
• General Orthopedics
• Trauma
• Hip and Knee