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Internal medicine unit

The Department of Internal medicine consists of eight to ten senior consultants who have trained and worked at leading Medical institute of India. The department provides broad range of services or diagnosis and treatment of multiple adult medical problems. It includes the following:


Management of chronic diseases involving multi system id done by senior consultants of department of Medicine where coordination between different specialist and holistic care of patient is very much desired.

It has exclusive section called MHC department which is set up with maxim “Prevention is better than cure” It deals with various types of preventive health checks 7 days a week including public holiday”.

Infectious disease is a major problem in our part of world. It includes malaria, Typhoid fever, TB, HIV dengue fever and general symptoms which are investigated in department and visualized. Sometimes there diseases prevent as septicemia with shock.

Management of drug overdose and poisoning. We have very modern and world class standard ICU.

Environmental diseases due to industrial chemical exposures, drowning, electrical injuries, radiation injuries, snake bite, dog bite are treated in department of Internal Medicine. 

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